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Sober, elegant and clean image.

The design of a catalog for a brand as well known as El Corte Inglés had to be up to the task.
agencia de publicidad, Diseño web, desarrollo, marketing online
agencia de publicidad, Diseño web, desarrollo, marketing online
agencia de publicidad, Diseño web, desarrollo, marketing online





From the first moment we wanted to communicate elegance. That’s why on its cover we made it very clear what the line was and we declined for a design with neutral colors, using ranges of gray, which allowed us to transmit the right sensations.

In most of its sections it was decided to leave the even pages with only the small and focused corporate image. This brought a sense of cleanliness and breadth in each section, highlighting the work done in each infographic.

The work done in the infographics was amazing, choosing the exact pieces and their location is an art. To this is added the technical part, where perspective and lighting are key to make the difference between a realistic render or photo that makes the most retailers doubt.

The subtlety first of all, that’s why only on specific occasions we introduce photographic retouching by painting effects accompanying the photograph. And on its left side we create a copy of its structure outlining only its contours. This contributed to the design a sense of planes and a more technical perception.

When we talk about branding, we are talking about transmitting essence. To express and communicate what the brand demanded of its product, we had to go beyond design. For this, all the necessary tools that intervene in it are used. In this case the next thing to focus on were the details that we would use in the chosen medium. In this case, a landscape A4 format dossier was chosen.
In the printing of this catalog, a higher weight than normal was used. This creates in the perception, greater value and quality of the product. The covers were made in acetate covers and metallic inks with UVI relief finishes were used. In order to finish it was used in one of its interior pages vegetal paper creating the effect delineated with transparency for the façade of the promotion.

Project evaluation

The ideas are simple, implementing them is complicated, our focus is on making them come true. That is why we observe and analyze the execution in the different areas of the project.
Brand positioning
Corporate image

In SEB Creativos from the first moment as main objective the graphic communication in the design and development of the corporate line. We assume the quality standards that our client demands and we respect them until the end, both in the design and in the qualities of the material and the printing of the chosen support.

The presentation for this real estate development was a success, obtaining a very good response and an excellent reaction from customers in it.

Impact made

We measure what is done to control, we control to direct and we direct to improve.
Visual communication
Brand reinforcement
Corporate identity
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