You can create what you want, but you need a team to make ther
dream come true



Change the status quo...

We want to be part of the evolution that is causing technology in society and its new business models.


Creating possibilities...

Contributing in each project knowledge, experience, values, ideals and the same passion with which we started.


Value to society...

We create the new generation of businesses through Strategy, Branding, Development, Online Marketing and Advertising.
Chief Marketing
Franco Colmena
Nobody else’s own to highlight a business digitally. With its extensive knowledge in platforms, understanding of the main internet search engines and proper use of strategies in online marketing on the different communication channels, it makes it possible to position and cover market rates to the business that is proposed.
Account Manager
Virginia Moriana
Coordinate and plan team tasks. Key component of the purpose, vision and mission of the company connecting it with the market. It transforms a technical language into a simple and understandable language. It will be in charge of making all the solutions and services available to you so that you can apply it optimally in your business.
Art director
Sergio Bilous
If there is someone with more experience in the whole team, it is undoubtedly him. Designer par excellence, he has spent nearly two decades creating branding and corporate image for businesses and recognized brands. His musical Hobby led him to find another of his talents: music producer and instrumental for advertising jingles.
Development manager
Emiliano Garcia
Expert in content management systems, for him there is no project or web impossible. His extensive knowledge in html, php, css and mysql have made him a great web platform designer. You can be certain that a website, store or App that is under his charge, will go beyond its proper functioning.
Web Master
Miles Andrioli
Apart from his web development tasks, he is responsible for updating and maintaining them. Caring for platforms in a thorough and effective way is their main objective. His knowledge, dynamism and neatness make his position a great contribution to any project.
Account Manager
Anastasiia Zhyrnova
The most versatile teammate, she is great at graphic design, administration and project management. Its main function is to make sure to create a long-term relationship between the client and the team. With your healthy obsession with the automation of repetitive processes and jobs you will speed up.
Web Master
Rodrigo Galiana
In addition to being a Web Developer, he also assumes the role of responsible for maintenance and updates on the platforms. Its main goal is to ensure that the tools are in optimum condition through careful and efficient maintenance. Her in-depth knowledge, adaptability, and precision make her role a great contribution to any project she is involved with.


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