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Real estate website with portals integrations

With our Web App we bet on a web design and development that will improve the perception of the global image of the brand towards a premium style.


Creation of several independent pages, under a line of design independent from the previously defined corporate one, for the proper promotion of the properties that our beneficiary exclusively manages. These pages are intended to support marketing campaigns, creating a sales funnel, resulting in a large number of conversions.

With this option, both platform users and professionals in the "Real Estate Agents" sector can select properties of their interest and send them directly to their personal mail, or in the case of agents, to that of their clients.

Option included at the end of each property profile, which allows private users to make an estimate of the monthly payment of the mortgage with the variations provided between entry, mortgage time and interest thereof. A functionality as simple as practical.

Agent profile and valuation
We include in our development, a section where clients can observe the reputation of each real estate agent, as well as assess the service received from them. Trust is key in the sector. "A property is not bought every day"
Advanced search engine
It includes the use of multi-filters where users can divide their search according to specific areas for a better understanding of the market. A direct search from the map is also included; functionalities designed to provide the customer with an excellent user experience without having real geographic knowledge.
Importing properties
Upload a property on your website and share it on the real estate portals you want, or vice versa. Our system supports the more than 26,000 immovable options available in this catalog. In addition, it is made to its own database; »If the external system fails, the site will continue to function fully.»
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Connection with Portals

At SEB Creativos we are specialists in the design and implementation of websites specifically designed for the real estate market. Our designs allow our clients to link directly to portals such as Inmobalia, Kyero, Rightmove or Resales Online, etc.

Our beneficiaries will be able to have extensive storage spaces that support thousands of properties on independent bases that allow the development of their operation even when external systems stop working. Everything to fit our beneficiaries within the framework of excellence.

Assessment of the project

Ideas are easy, implementing them is difficult, our focus is on make them come true. That is why we observe and analyze the execution in the different areas of the project.

User interface
Platform and management S.
Communication campaign

Within this project, specific sections and functionalities were developed for companies in the real estate sector that, together, managed to give our client the notoriety that a website like theirs needed. As well as a series of functions that facilitate user navigation and purchase.


We measure what we have done to control, we control to direct and we direct to to get better.

Sources used for the interpretation of the results; Google Analytics, RRSS management panels and the E-commerce administration module


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