Marbella Wedding
creation and launch
of business


His image causes love at first sight.

A brand that we knew from the first moment what its personality was going to be; Marbella Wedding is delicate, soft, romantic, feminine and somewhat vintage.


The Marbella Wedding home page is very complete, in this section we find a structure specially designed to provide an extract of all the sections that the user will find.

This section is the most personal on the web, not the least important. This is where they communicate the story of how they started, the mission and the skill they have as a company in a very graphic way.

This section is a trip to paradise, here browsers will find the best locations and landscapes they can have for their wedding day. Section made under the portfolio stature where you can categorize.


With this project we can conclude that both its brand image and the business model that surrounds it was managed within the agency from its beginning to the present day.

It was a project that from its inception was very clear what its market segment was going to be, the target it was aimed at and the value proposition it would bring in a market as demanding and competitive as the world of event planners.

It is worth noting that despite being a young company, Marbella Wedding knew how to find a place for itself among the greats. That both in its image and internal policy the objective has been to improve itself by offering the best and maintaining the brand in market trends.

Assessment of the project

The ideas are simple, implementing them is complicated, our focus is on making them come true. That is why we observe and analyze the execution in the different areas of the project.

Integra brand
Web Design
Porfolio Web
Multiple Channels

Since the creation of its logo, brand manual in which more than 25 different supports were used, web platform, offline advertising, SEO positioning, SEM including AdWords, Facebook Ads, campaign analysis and more analysis ... We can say that we found the profitability of this business.

We continue and will continue to work with this company, but now the objective has changed. We are dedicated to replicating what works and our purpose is to create a greater impact and optimize each campaign to the maximum.


We measure what we have done to control, we control to direct and we direct to to get better.

Sources; Google Analitycs, Moz and Facebook Ads.


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