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Malaga Automobile Museum
Fashion like new section
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Designed as functional as it is glamorous.

I don't think it sounds too far-fetched to say that due to the incorporation of the fashion section we also had to restructure its website. Well ... Let's see what you think.


In his home there is a fantastic fusion between fashion, art and cars. We didn't keep visitors waiting long so they could wait to see this cool combination. We also made use of one of its precious Mercedes, which makes an entrance in the form of animation, inviting you to navigate through the six main sections.

Among all the changes we also had to incorporate this new section. Its business model was expanding, the magnificent idea of ​​promoting its wide spaces to hold events with the level that only a museum of these magnitudes can offer, could not be overlooked.

By incorporating a payment platform within it, with some development, the incorporation of a calendar module and the occasional adaptation, the website could already offer up to three types of online tickets for its visitors.


As a final result, we can conclude that the Malaga Automobile and Fashion Museum, apart from creating this new value proposition based on fashion as a fusion with the automotive world, notably improved its aesthetics, relating its image with concepts such as "elegance" , "Sobriety" and "notoriety".

Both its brand image and its online image were redefined. An absolutely updated website and adequate to the requirements that were required for such a remarkable brand in the city of Malaga.

It is worth noting that this appreciated tourist attraction has always been known to keep in the top ten "things to do in Malaga" referenced by Tripadvisor with certificate of excellence.

Assessment of the project

Ideas are easy, implementing them is difficult, our focus is on make them come true. That is why we observe and analyze the execution in the different areas of the project.

New image
Web Design
Integra online store
Incorporation of modules

From SEB Creativos, we plan and create a project based on a redesign adapted to its corporate image, starting with a new logo that identifies the brand with its new line of business and also building a new website with improvements in which a solution to the space needs they needed to include their new catalogs and other secondary specifications.

This project was also accompanied by a complete optimization both in loading times and in urls and an SEO strategy on page that, together, managed to give the museum the notoriety it required.


We measure what we have done to control, we control to direct and we direct to to get better.

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