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A development with UX in mind

What happens if a brand like Mr. Noodles needs to create a website with functions complex that offered to your customers an excellent user experience? We create the solution.


This option is able to automatically recognize the location of clients during the realization of your order; in this way, this is assigned to the distribution area that best suits your position at the time of purchase.

Thanks to our direct connection to POS system, orders and payments will be automatically registered in the business system itself, avoiding thus possible money leaks and hated cash mismatches.

Each franchise business can set its prices as if It was an independent business. In the same way they can define individually delivery prices and the quantity needed for a minimum order.

Delivery Zones
This option allows each franchised premises to select specifically the delivery areas that best suit their environment, delimiting their borders manually. With this option, the flight of customers by radio is safeguarded.
User Recognition
This functionality includes a memory with the different favorite addresses of the clients; being able to have several associated to each one. This system allows the recognition of each of these addresses according to their geolocation.
Landing by Franchise
Each local adhered to the franchise can manage their own business page with a personalized user panel. Similarly, each location has its own email, which ensures optimal customer service.


Once the web App and its respective integrations with the POS of the physical shops, I was ready to start everything.

For this, a video was created with the intention of being released on digital channels such as social networks, AdSense and Mailmarketing communicating the objective of the campaign and inciting customers to Delivery and Take away from online.

Assessment of the project

Ideas are easy, implementing them is difficult, our focus is on make them come true. That is why we observe and analyze the execution in the different areas of the project.

User interface
Platform and management S.
Communication campaign

From SEB Creativos we propose for Mr. Noodles a complete remodeling of his web, from its design to its development, we include even the smallest detail to create a space dynamic that accommodates a multitude of functions that facilitate the shopping process and experience on-line.

Mr. Noodles' online image improved markedly. Your web space was endowed of the dynamism and simplicity of its processes that facilitate the purchase of its products from hundreds of customers.


We measure what we have done to control, we control to direct and we direct to to get better.

Sources used for the interpretation of the results; Google Analytics, panels of management of the RRSS and the module of administration of the E-commerce


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