Why is It important that your online store is tailored to mobile?

Why is It important that your online store is tailored to mobile?

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In recent years we have seen many changes in consumer habits content Internet, mainly brought about by the rise of smartphones and tablets . In 2015 full access to these devices is higher and demand for content adapted to these new media as well.

In 2012 we could glimpse the change to be the first year that computer sales were lower than last year. Since then this trend has continued and is expected to be the year in which the sale of tablets exceed those of PCs and laptops combined in 2015. That prophecy Steve Jobs in 2007 seems to be fulfilled:“ The era post-PC is about to arrive.”

These data are vital for online businesses. It is an unstoppable trend and if you want to benefit from it, your store must be optimized for the user experience mobile rewarding. The process of buying over the Internet can be very frustrating at web not adapted to mobile and there is a high risk that the user leaves the site without making your purchase.

It is estimated that 60% of mobile visitors through seeking an alternative web of competition if they are not a resposnsive web where to buy clear and safely. And not only that, recent studies seem to find a correlation between the use of mobile devices and the amount of purchases made by internet and the amount of purchases and frequency. The data affirm that 72% of users tablets and mobile ensure make at least one purchase online a week and of them 52% say they prefer to buy through your device to do so by computer.

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