It’s official: SEB Creativos becomes Web Design Agency in Seville

It’s official: SEB Creativos becomes Web Design Agency in Seville

After some months of logistics we can communicate that web development in Seville is now part of our services.

Digital marketing is an area of work that many companies are already more than aware of. It is becoming more and more common for this concept to creep into conversations, however, there may still be people who are not very clear about what this idea refers to and why they need a web design agency that knows how to translate their identity to the online environment.

When we talk about digital marketing we refer to the improvement of the digital image of the company, everything related to the online communication style.

We find many websites that have nothing to do with the company outside the online environment. Some do not fit because the image they give is very poor, biased or with a different style than the business. Other companies pay someone to make their website, but they don’t get it right and end up with a good website that doesn’t represent them at all.

That is why web development should not be treated as an individual action, but as part of the overall communication strategy. In SEB Creativos we understand the following essential when dealing with corporate communication:


Identity Manual

It contains all the information, advice and rules on how to apply each of the elements that make up the corporate image of a company, brand or business.

These are all those aspects that must be taken into account to give coherence to the communication strategy, both in the digital sector and outside it, such as colors, typography, design elements, etc.

This document is particularly important so that the brand in question maintains its identity regardless of who manages it within the company. It strictly and in detail establishes the elements and personality of the brand.

In SEB Creativos this manual is made by the graphic design team and distributed to other colleagues. However, some web design companies skip this step or try to adapt previous elements of the brand, achieving an undesirable result.


Web design nexus elements

We understand the nexus elements as those that connect the brand with its audience and make them, in some way, feel identified with the values and mission of the company.

Among them we find on the one hand the images, which are the first thing that catches the attention of a web page and that we must choose following the content strategy.

On the other hand, there will be the copys or text pieces, where the tone in which the brand communicates with its audience is printed and which must take into account a lot of information related to the target audience; precisely to know how to address them.

Here it is important to pay attention to the choice of typography that best suits the context.

And finally we include the design elements, which close the circle to get the personality.

The website is an element that represents the company in the online environment, therefore it is essential to provide a solid corporate identity that is recognizable by users and that transmits what the company is.

For this, having a good marketing and communication team is essential to be able to develop all the necessary tasks in this area.

If we were asked why we had not launched to develop web pages in Seville so far, the answer would be clear: Until we could not make them with the professionalism and dedication they require, we were not going to offer the service. Now we have the means to do so and the requests are coming often. We suppose that there is a time for everything and this has been now.

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