What does an agency look for in a Marketing and Advertising graduate?

What does an agency look for in a Marketing and Advertising graduate?

Nowadays, with the development of advances in communication and the digital environment, the profiles working in an advertising agency have evolved. Companies are now looking for multidisciplinary experts who present various skills and have knowledge of the main tools to be used in the field of marketing in order to develop certain projects.

Therefore, people who want to perform their professional functions in this type of organization will not only need to have creativity, talent and originality, but also other requirements that can be acquired by studying a university degree or a higher degree in marketing and advertising.



Requirements to be a Marketing and Advertising Professional

To work in the advertising and marketing sector it is necessary to have specific training in order that professionals know how to respond to the transformations that the business world is experiencing. For this reason in SEB Creativos we are committed to innovation and new strategies in the field of web design.

On the other hand, standing out in the marketing field is very important to differentiate oneself from the competition. This is why many specialists want to continue to evolve in this area with studies that provide them with the necessary tools to diversify their functions and develop new narratives. Likewise, they also want to find a degree with which to acquire specialized knowledge that will make their curriculum shine. One of the most interesting options to achieve this goal is to study a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce.


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What characteristics should an advertiser have?

It is clear that despite the changes in this sector, advertising is still the main way for companies to make their brand and services known. For this reason, the role of a marketing professional is very important within an organization, regardless of the area where he/she works or the department to which he/she belongs.

One of the main tasks he/she will have to perform within the company will be to make the company’s products known to a potential audience. With this task, he/she will also have to create affinity between the brand and consumers, which is why he/she has to present a series of fundamental characteristics:

  • Creativity: This ability is not innate, so it is very important that people dedicated to this field train their imagination, since the strategies carried out may bore the consumer and it will take campaigns and new content to succeed.
  • Proactivity: The advertising world can be very stressful, as there are deadlines and objectives to meet. That is why it is essential for professionals to have this skill in order to take on difficult projects and be able to achieve the proposed goals.
  • Passion for learning: marketing specialists must be passionate about continuing to learn new things related to their field every day. In this way, they will not be left behind in the updates that take place in the marketing sector on a constant basis.
  • Conciseness and group work: marketers will have to be concise in creating and circulating a message to advertise their products. In addition, they will have to work together with their colleagues to keep projects on track.


In which department does a Marketing and Advertising graduate work?

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of this sector, the professional will have the opportunity to be part of various departments of the company. Although you will play your main role in the marketing and advertising area in this area you will perform various tasks ranging from planning and dissemination of campaigns in different media, both online and offline, to the development of different projects that correctly convey the message to reach the target audience.

On the other hand, there will be a specific team dedicated to market research through different study and documentation techniques to establish good strategies. Furthermore, it should be taken into account that these services can be performed internally or externally by hiring a specialized auditing company.

Finally, it should be noted that the marketing area is one of the most important areas within any company. With this in mind, one of the basic requirements to work in any advertising agency is to always keep in mind that the client comes first, since the success of a business depends on them.

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