Web Usability Why should I take care of it?

Web Usability Why should I take care of it?

Usabilidad web ¿Por qué debo cuidarla?

In this post we will explain why you must take care of the web usability of your page, but before you should know the concept of web usability

Does not this concept sound to you? Do not worry, we’ll explain it to you quickly.

When we talk about web usability, we refer to the experience that the user has once he / she enters our page, that is to say, that our web space responds to the expectations of the user giving him the best possible experience.

Just like physical stores or physical spaces take care of your image in front of the customer, online spaces, online stores etc … They should also do the same.

What do we want to achieve with this?


That all or almost all users who pass through our website feel comfortable and spend as much time as possible on our website avoiding high rebound rates and getting a good online positioning.

We must offer useful, well-organized information within a well-structured design. So we will have to attend to simplicity, naturalness and ease of use.

The four questions that we have to ask about our website respond to four pillars that will help us to know if the web responds to a good user experience:


Ease of learning: Is it easy for the user to browse our website the first time?

Efficiency: When do users know how to use our interface, they quickly execute the tasks they want?

Memorability: When do users return to our website after a long time manage to manage well in it?

Satisfaction: Is it pleasing to our users to use our website?

In addition, we must take into account that the user is impatient and usually enter a website to see something specific, so a web that loads fast will be the best option.

The benefits we can get by following these tips are:

– Reinforcement of the brand image.

– Increased sales, if our website is aimed at electronic commerce.

– Increase of conversion rates.

– Loyalty.

– Cost reduction.

– Optimization of intranet work processes, which will increase productivity.


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