10 metrics to keep in mind for your online store

10 metrics to keep in mind for your online store

 10 metrics to keep in mind for your online store


When it comes to managing an online store, one of the main challenges (not to say the biggest of all) is to design a strategy for our e-commerce project to be profitable. And is that knowing the profitability of our project is key to being able to analyze the results we are getting. That is why, today in SEBcreativos we have compiled the 10 metrics to consider for your online store:


Customer acquisition cost: This indicator is used to know how much it cost us to capture each of the customers of our online store. To calculate the cost of acquiring a customer, we only have to divide everything that we have invested in sales and marketing among the number of clients achieved.

Value of the customer’s life cycle:

This second metric that allows us to calculate is the total expense that has generated a user in our online store since the day of registration. To calculate this, we have to multiply the average profit generated by the customer in a year by the number of years, all of which, subtracting the cost of acquisition (AC)

The conversion rate:

This metric calculates the% of store visitors who finally made the purchase of a product.

Return on Investment (ROI):

It is the economic value generated as a result of carrying out different marketing activities. With this data, we can measure the return we have obtained from an investment.

Thanks to the ROI we can evaluate how much has generated in sales every euro invested in a campaign.

Average Basket:

This metric what you calculate is the average user spend in your online store. To calculate this, we must only divide the total sales by the number of orders that have been made. For our average basket to go up, we can carry out a series of actions, such as: free shipping costs from a certain amount.

Abandonment rate:

What% of users are leaving the page before making the purchase? On what page does this abandonment of the cart usually occur? Knowing the Abandonment Rate of your online store is one of the 10 key metrics to consider.

Output pages:

On what pages do your customers leave? This metric is very important to know which pages in your store are failing. For example, your customers may leave your page because there are too many steps and processes between making the basket until payment.


Analyzing the number of daily visits of our online store is fundamental to determine the success of our project. By analyzing our traffic day by day we can know what products or campaigns are doing to reduce our traffic, or on the contrary, which of them make it increase in order to boost them.

Page views per visit:

This indicator serves to know how many pages each user visits on average. This metric is very important to know if our online store likes our traffic.

Visiting time:

How long do users stay in your online store? This metric is very important to know if the products and content of your store are captivating users or not. It is clear that if what users see when they enter your e-commerce are not interested, they will leave.


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