The keys to making your business work

The keys to making your business work

Do you have a business or physical or online business? Do you want to know what to do to make it work 100%? Do not worry, today from SEBcreativos we are going to give you some tips for and the keys for your business to work


As we explained in our previous post “How can seo positioning help me” seo is very important for our business, thanks to seo we can position key words of our business in the first pages of search engines. EJ: If we buy shoes, seo will make you appear in first position.

In the short term it may seem that there are no results, but after a few months everything will change.



Next to the SEO (to be applied from the first moment), it is necessary to apply SEM. The SEM consists of paying to go out on Google search ads, and the difference with respect to SEO is that, as you pay, so up you appear. And when you stop paying, you disappear.

It would seem, therefore, that it is less interesting than SEO. And, to a certain extent, it is true. But it is essential that, while working on SEO, we are also investing in SEM.

Why? For the simple reason that, thanks to the SEM, we can get income from the first moment. And is that, as we mentioned earlier, SEO is slow, and no results are seen until some time has passed.


Content Marketing.

The advantage of content marketing is that the user does not perceive that you are selling anything (although it does not perceive it in the case of SEO – yes it does in the case of SEM). That is why many companies are betting on it. And is that, although it sounds repetitive, it must be said that when it comes to advertising products, content marketing allows you to get exceptional results. After all, you will be offering something of value to the user, while advertising the product that interests you.

Of course, for content marketing to work, it must offer really useful content for the user. It is important that these contents are of interest to the person who is reading.


Social media

Finally, we can make a mention to Social Media, which consists of promoting campaigns in social networks, as well as keeping accounts active enough to keep potential customers hooked.

With Social Media something similar happens to what happens with the SEO: At first it does not notice results, but, with a good job, in the long term great results can be obtained without additional investments.

That is why, as with SEO, it is better to invest from the first moment in Social Media, while investing in other areas that do allow revenue from the first day.

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