How to attract more customers to my business

How to attract more customers to my business

Cómo atraer mas clientes a tu negocio


How to attract more customers to my business

How to attract more customers to a business is something that many people ask themselves every day.

Stop chasing your customers! make them seek you. For this we leave the following online marketing tips on how to attract and retain your customers.
1. Identify all those agents that intervene at the time of the sale of your product. You do not just have to stay with your client. You will also have to include your workers, consultants, suppliers, etc. Everyone, even if you do not believe it, are the ones that make up your product or service and therefore, are the ones that will influence it in one way or another at the time of sale.

2. Seek to empathize with your customers: The more knowledge you have of it, the better your chances of getting right with your product or service. Try to get out of the basics and break a little with what is established, that is, imagine what it is like, what it does, what it thinks about, what its habits are, what academic training it has, what its hobbies are and, more importantly, your product or service.


3. Test it: If you only imagine what you think your customers will think of your products, you will not get very far, you have to get your data first hand. And nothing better than talking to them directly, you have surveys and find out what you need, know the needs of your sector. In this way you will be able to develop your products and services so that they meet the needs that exist today, these are the ones that have real success.

4. Release it: after having tested it, if the feedback has been positive, you have to make it known. Make a communication campaign, use all the online and offline marketing tools at your fingertips. If you are going to show through a web do not forget to work the positioning in search engines. Finding yourself in the top positions will give you greater visibility and therefore attract more potential customers.
Here are some basic tips to guide you, obviously the path is much longer, but with this you will have to start.
We hope you have our advice and take many successful projects.

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