Do you need a website for my business?

Do you need a website for my business?

¿Necesito una página web para mi negocio?


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Most of our clients usually ask us this question, and we take the opportunity to add these others …

“What’s in it for my business to have a website?” “Is the Internet a good investment for my company?” “Why should I make an investment of this kind?”

Our answers to these are forceful and we explain them in a schematic way, making a short summary of all the points in favor of a web page to your company.

Having a Corporate Website benefits your company by providing you with the most accessible tools to become known continuously and without making a great investment effort in other types of advertising.

Information and Communication.

With its Website, the information and communication offered to future and current customers, suppliers, partners and employees, employees and social environment, etc. are improved.

A web page is an additional communication channel to inform about the products and services that are most interested in promoting to increase their profitability.

Greater recognition and prestige.

Every company like SMEs, freelancers, department stores, etc … needs to have a presence on the internet to provide a good image to your business in the future.

Increase sales.

With new customers who will visit your Website and the loyalty of the current ones will mean an increase in sales and a greater profit for your business.

Through the searches made by users / customers in the search engines, to obtain information about the products and services they need, they obtain as a result the websites of the companies that offer those products and services. Therefore, your company is made known to other people and companies that possibly become new customers. All this for the simple fact that your company has its own website, appearing in the main internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

Savings in advertising and communication

By promoting your business from your own website on the internet, the costs of communication to the outside are reduced. We must remember that with our Website we would be visible 24 hours a day during the 365 days of the year.

The fact that at any time you have the possibility that someone else knows your company through the Internet, has a lot of importance due to the constant increase of all types of people and companies that use this means of Communication.

In SEcreations, we conclude with the following:

The investment needed to integrate the network with your own website is very low compared to the large number of benefits that are obtained in:

– Great communication and information

– Improvement in the relationship with customers

– Marketing and advertising online

– Obtaining and attracting new customers

– Corporate image

– Recognition and prestige

– Expansion of business

– Increase in sales

After reading this post, you keep asking yourself if you need a website?

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