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Corporate image

The corporate image is one of the most important when creating a business point and usually refers to the way consumers perceive the company, associating certain values to it.

This concept could be divided into two very differential parts. On the one hand, we have the visual elements like logo, color, typography, slogan, whether the image. On the other hand we have those more abstract elements and aimed at generating feelings or emotions associated with the brand: the philosophy, values, mission, goals, etc.

There is no large company that does not have a good logo, slogan, music or philosophy, etc. or rather all at once, which it is ideal. Therefore, the creation of the corporate image is part of the business strategy and if we succeed with it, bring great benefits:

• Better market positioning.
• Greater value to the brand.
• Be easily recognized and remembered by consumers.
• Distinguish visually competition.
• Increased confidence of employees to the company.

Therefore, a good corporate image must be physically attractive and must also transmit values of the company to positively influence customers and your environment.

Some recommendations to create a good corporate image:

• Take care of your facilities. Create offices, buildings or spaces with custom designs that represent the values of the company and where you can serve your customers in a relaxed environment and that every detail is part of your image.

• Take care of your personal image and that of your employees. The workers of the company are dealing daily with customers. What you convey, you also communicate your brand, a proper uniform or a badge with worker data, are some of the factors that inspire confidence and professionalism.

Put yourself in the hands of professionals to create the corporate image of your company. The expertise and experience, along with your ideas, will give an optimal and professional result: a good corporate image.

Maintain good WEB, BLOG AND NETWORKS. Today most customers are informed through the Internet about companies and their products and services. The more professional your letter, the better.
Internet is part of our daily lives, so it is important to have a good presence in the virtual world.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of starting a business, you want to change the perception of your customers and position yourself better in the market or in your company there are changes in management or business line: the ideal place to create your new corporate image moment and thus, SEB Creativos whatever with a team of professionals to help you achieve the image that best represents you!
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