Why people do not visit my site?

Why people do not visit my site?


The importance of SEO when developing a marketing strategy online


Statistics do not lie, most website are almost all visits from search engines such as Google. This gives great importance to positioning search terms (called keywords) that companies consider most appropriate.

Here are some facts to show better what discussed above and show the importance of time to be well positioned in search engines are the following:

-The 90% of people seeking information or resources on the Internet, make it through search engines.

-The 84% of people using Google.es only review the first page of results.

-The 65% of people using Google.es have never done click the party pays (results shown to the right as sponsored links).

Some companies and professionals from various sectors do not really distinguish clearly the importance of the Organic Positioning for success on the network. Many mistakenly believe that the design of the website will begin to attract customers automatically, without realizing that this is the first step to begin to dabble in Internet and in SEB Creativos we have in mind.

One of the fundamental techniques of positioning is the SEO or (Search Engine Optimization). This technique is to achieve so, say natural, the best positions in the search engine with the search criteria most profitable segment.

Positioning shares SEO allow medium term:

  • Increase traffic to the website in a progressive manner
  • Earn presence on the Internet
  • Getting clients
  • Find new market

A key factor for the results achieved can be maintained over time is the regularity with which a campaign Positioning SEO is actuated. It is therefore recommended that this technique is among the long-term actions of any company that wants to win Online Market.

SEB Creativos speak, when quoting the Web positioning, a need to have a better chance of being found and, in the same way, increase sales especially when you consider that over 80% of Internet users make use of search engines to find the information they need.

Therefore, we clarify that one of the most important aspects to consider when looking to get into the network is the Web positioning. Any campaign marketing current must consider and perhaps before the ordinary marketing an online marketing strategy, essential today for the development and evolution of any company that wanted to be well positioned in the market.

If you have questions and need help in developing your strategy onlie marketing, fill in the following form and we will contact you shortly.

Greetings and your projects fly high.

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