Make the most of your web design

Make the most of your web design

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Corporate website is a resource that companies or autonomous not always explode properly. Beyond having a suitable web design to your corporate image and to transmit the philosophy of your business, watch your web and now to your competition… Are you really offering better content to users than your competition? Do not? Well Google feels the same way you!
Not all web pages competing for the best positions in a search are considered equally by Google. What can you do to move up? Just a small hint: the key is to KEEP IT ACTIVE ALWAYS.

We offer you 3 tips to maximize your website and investment that you do or have already done it.

Make texts that also benefit the position of your page.
When starting to write content for your web more often we write the information we want to publish on our website without thinking if that text will benefit the positioning of the page or not.
Regular updates of text. The key is to add new texts, create new sections, new products, etc. gradually pureed the total volume of information on your web pages over time. A common mistake here usually include new texts, but to replace previous texts, so the “code to text ratio” of the page does not change.
Abundant texts. Very simple and short texts are less relevant and have less weight in the organic positioning. As a guideline, about 500 words for each section of your page is a very good figure, provided that the text is relevant (not have to write by writing: your visitors abandon your page boredom).
Duplicate texts. A very common mistake is to use websites content have not written ourselves. The latest updates of Google algorithm penalize the ranking of pages that have duplicate content. This action causes Google consider your site “low quality” to be displayed on the top.

Social networks are increasingly force in the world of Internet. Google now valued more content published on social networks because they are just what Google wants to offer its users: fresh content.
The main thing is committed with the networks is to have inactive profiles. The idea is that the profile of your company is a live social networking profile, ie must have frequent publications. Post news and interact with your followers is something that will give many points for the natural positioning. Tips:

  • The trick of any social network is link from your posts or tweets tab sections or your website such as a blog on your page. Thus, you will head a valuable traffic to your website from your followers networks when pinched on that link. Tips:
  • Publications that you make should be attractive places for your followers to share them or give him I like and can reach the maximum potential customers.
  • Keep in mind not to tire our fans because we could lose them. Therefore, 2 or 3 tickets a week they are sufficient.

¿Which is better SEO or SEM? both. Everyone has their own function.
SEM or online search engine marketing is to appear on Google for keywords of high commercial interest and competition on the Internet. Such words are virtually unattainable with a budget medium-low SEO. Therefore, a campaign in Google Adwords done correctly is a perfect complement to the SEO of your page.
But SEO is also important for your SEM campaign, because the SEO and SEM are interrelated. In fact, the more optimized is your page, click cost will be lower as it will increase the quality of your ad making your online marketing campaign more profitable. Besides organic positioning your results will improve as a result of increased traffic on your page.
In SEB Creativos we have a team of professionals specialized in all the aforementioned points.
Our flagship product “take off your project” has everything you need to make the most of the website of your company or business.

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