We tell you what you get – Minimalist web design.

We tell you what you get – Minimalist web design.

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Minimalist web design

Surely you’ve ever heard about minimalist web design. But, Do you really know what that means?

I’ll tell you that is called minimalist web design. It is called so; the combination of design and functionality, adding a large dose of simplicity.

How is this accomplished? Paradoxically create simplicity, it has its difficulties. For this we need only use elements necessary for the user in their navegation.Take note: no confusion, lost or distractions and try to eliminate superfluous elements.

One of the features highlight in minimalist design It is that the content takes priority. This will be in charge of giving structure and form the web, with blank spaces that will balance esta.De geometric elements, simple and impersonal forms. Sometimes with full screen background designs. The style of the site may be mark by typography. Shades of gray, black and white.

It is the most used, but be careful not why we set aside the color palette. ATTENTION minimalist design is not simple. In this kind of design is reversed long time, though not enough, many hours studying, planning it, working it and reviewing it.

To end this post, we anticipate that in a future post give you 10 laws that can apply to minimalist design for any field (photography, web, architecture, design …)

We hope you enjoyed the article. We parted.