Are you ready !!

Are you ready !!

Esta vez no nos frena nadie. Te contamos las 3 nuevas novedades que tenemos para ti.

Are you ready for a new adventure?

We have announced it already, but now we can confirm: it is real.
We keep improving and now we focus on a complex 360 service.
Today we can say that our main collaboration develops with companies which understand its value and treat it as a key and continuing activity.
What we mean here is that our clients see us already as their allies, and count with us as an advisement and marketing agency for their projects.
The results achieved by them are incredible: this change has let them focus on their main activities and distribute responsibilities accordingly.
Us being an outsourcing agency helps our clients to get not just a global vision from a diversified team, but also a greater reaction to changes, reduction and control of costs, flexibility and a constant contribution due to our continuous learning.
For many of you it is not new because we have been developing this service for some time, but now we can say that we empower it and take it to another level.
You are probably wondering which kind of changes will accompany these services we are talking about… So, let’s not wait more and explain it more detailed:

New office
From now on we can count on a new office around Marbella for convenience of our clients who are located in that zone.

We extend our team
Yes! We have new permanent employees who you will get to know very soon. But this is not all, now we also offer a bigger variety of languages for our customer support.
Now we can speak with you Russian, German, English and Spanish. Don’t tell us it is not cool…

New webpage
Our last news is that we have updated our webpage, where we explain you in details our new values and everything we’ve been talking here.
So, what are you waiting for? We invite you to have a look, in the end this all is made for you!

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