What is a Digital Trafficker – Roles and Competencies

What is a Digital Trafficker – Roles and Competencies

Digital traffic encompasses the management, coordination and optimization of a company’s advertising campaigns and the Digital Trafficker is in charge of this task.

We are surrounded by digital ads, and companies need to make sure they capture the attention of the right audience at the right time. And this is where ad trafficking comes in. Companies, in order to optimize their online business, have created new concepts and ways of doing things. One of these new concepts is the professional profile of the digital traffic specialist or web traffic generator. A Digital Trafficker will have the level of creativity, knowledge, skills and abilities required to make a given company’s advertisement attract the target audience and convert.

We will now see what a Digital Trafficker is, what their functions are and what it takes to become a Digital Trafficker.


What is a Digital Trafficker?

The Digital Trafficker is the professional responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring Internet advertising campaigns, in order to increase the web traffic of the different online platforms of a company, increase the visibility and reputation of the brand and achieve marketing objectives.

Este nuevo perfil profesional de Trafficker Digital, también es conocido como Trafficker Publicitario, Trafficker Manager y especialista en tráfico digital entre otros. Ser Trafficker Digital significa ser experto en incrementar el tráfico online. Es decir, son expertos en configurar campañas publicitarias en los sitios web de una empresa para obtener más atención y más visitas del público adecuado.

This new professional profile of Digital Trafficker is also known as Advertising Trafficker, Trafficker Manager and digital traffic specialist among others. Being a Digital Trafficker means being an expert in increasing online traffic. That is, they are experts in setting up advertising campaigns on the websites of a company to get more attention and more visits from the right audience.

Benefits of being a digital traffic specialist

Thanks to the fact that it is a new profession and with a high demand in large and medium companies, people who are trained as Digital Trafficker will enjoy excellent benefits.

  • You can be your own boss by creating your own online business as a Digital Trafficker. You will be able to do consulting work for large companies as well as offer advertising strategy services to small businesses.
  • Many advertising agencies require a digital traffic specialist as part of their team.
  • If you really train yourself and keep yourself updated, you will be able to automate an important part of your work, so say goodbye to fixed and boring schedules!
  • Since this is a new profession, you can develop training courses and offer them to companies that want to train some of their employees as digital traffic specialists. This way, you get financial benefits while working as a Digital Trafficker for other advertisers.


tipos de traffickers digitales


Types of Digital Trafficker

Although it has not been a profession for long, several types of Digital Trafficker have already been specified

  • Digital Trafficker specialized in Google Ads, Google’s ad platform.
  • Specialists in attracting traffic by managing advertising campaigns on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Digital Trafficker specialized in attracting organic traffic to online stores and converting visitors into customers.
  • There are also specialists in digital traffic for physical businesses, experts in increasing store traffic and visits to your physical location.
  • Trafficker Digital especializado en procesos de automatización (email marketing, bases de datos, herramientas digitales para automatizar procesos de marketing).
  • Digital Trafficker specialized in automation processes (email marketing, databases, digital tools to automate marketing processes).


Funciones de un Trafficker Digital


What are the functions of a Digital Trafficker?

Not sure and want to know what a Digital Trafficker does in detail? Well, here we will explain the most important activities of a Digital Trafficker.

  • A Digital Trafficker is in charge of developing the work schedule, coordinating it and managing it. The schedule includes the launching of advertising campaigns and their subsequent optimization analysis.
  • They oversee the adherence to the project schedule and the flow through the different departments.
  • They are also responsible for optimizing the budget allocated to advertising campaigns as well as managing the billing process.
  • Digital traffic specialists analyze the needs and requirements of the company to optimize its online campaigns.
  • They define the resources and automatic tools to be used.
  • Oversee the optimization of the company’s digital platforms in order to attract traffic and facilitate conversion.
  • Develop the automation processes for capturing prospect data (contact forms, surveys, spreadsheets, etc.).
  • They configure in detail the characteristics of the audience to which the ads will be directed.
  • They define the type of content and the appropriate advertising media for each stage of the sales funnel.
  • The Digital Trafficker develops the coordination between text, graphics, sounds and videos to ensure that the ads look good on any of the platforms.
  • They permanently monitor the performance of the ads and their effectiveness in the selected media.
  • Analyze results and prepare reports indicating metrics and suggestions for improving effectiveness.
  • Define improvements or changes in strategies based on the results obtained.
  • Capture of organic traffic through SEO web positioning.
  • Cooperate with advertisers supporting the work and serving as a communication bridge between the members of the sales, marketing and creative departments.
  • Coordinate the solution of problems related to advertising campaigns.


Skills needed to become a digital traffic specialist.

If you want to become a Digital Trafficker, you will need to be thoroughly trained in addition to having some personal skills.

  • Possess a degree in marketing, computer science or similar career. However, many freelancers with other types of formal education, perform successfully as a Digital Trafficker.
  • Handling digital advertising platforms and tools (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Ads, YouTube, Amazon, web advertising, mobile advertising, programmatic advertising, sponsored posting, remarketing, etc.).
  • Management of sales funnels and automation.
  • Ability to develop A / B tests.
  • Knowledge of advertising rates and bidding.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
  • Extensive knowledge in web design, Landing Pages, Online stores and SEO and SEM.
  • A digital traffic specialist must have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP.
  • You must be passionate about the digital world and keep yourself constantly updated. You must also have the ability to assimilate quickly, the updates that continually take place in digital platforms.
  • Spreadsheet management (create and upload tables to platforms such as Facebook).
  • Handling and analysis of analytical tools, KPIs, know how to use google analytics.
  • Understand the laws and codes of advertising ethics that apply to each platform.
  • Often 3 years of proven experience is required to be considered as a digital traffic specialist.


Tips for working as a Digital Trafficker

Are you qualified to work as a Digital Trafficker?

If so, here are some good tips.

  1. Make sure you know in depth what the advertiser’s final objectives are and work according to them.
  2. Use empathy and analyze the whole process from the advertiser’s perspective (budget, business philosophy, business model, values).
  3. Get organized from the beginning and collect all the records you can (decisions, meeting minutes, work programs and schedules, results, KPIs, budget distribution, invoices, etc.).
  4. Assume your role as the leader of the process. From the beginning, make it clear and effective to all team members that they must respect the work schedule and guidelines you indicate.
  5. A Digital Trafficker is not responsible for everything and sometimes things do not go as planned. Therefore, make sure that the advertiser understands the responsibilities of each member of the team.
  6. Keep up to date, you will be working with professional experts in different areas and you must know how to communicate and understand the issues to be discussed. Keep up to date with advertising updates and news (courses, seminars, talks with like-minded friends, etc.). Also, learn about communication techniques, budget management, time optimization, characteristics of the products offered by the advertiser, etc.
  7. Update the technological tools by adapting to the innovations that are continually being developed in the field of online advertising. In this way, you will be able to offer your advertisers the best and most effective strategies to achieve their objectives.


Advantages of having an expert Digital Trafficker in your business

If you are considering hiring a digital traffic specialist, it is important that you know the excellent advantages that this decision will bring to your business.

  • Your company will achieve greater visibility on the Internet, increase traffic and conversion possibilities.
  • You will achieve greater brand recognition in social networks and an excellent online reputation.
  • The digital traffic specialist will segment your audience in a specific and detailed way. As a result, users who visit your website will be more in tune with what you offer.
  • You will see an increase in the number of people showing interest in your brand as well as a greater number of followers.
  • Prospects will feel more confident about the products and services you offer online.
  • Improved ROI as your advertising campaigns will have a greater reach and performance on the web.
  • It will improve the SEO positioning of the website.



The Digital Trafficker is a professional in great demand nowadays by a great variety of companies. It is a very interesting profession because advertisers get, in a single person, knowledge that in most cases is in the hands of several people.

Generally, training as a digital traffic specialist requires, in addition to the following knowledge
technical expertise, a large dose of patience, a passion for digital marketing and many years of experience.

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